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Exterior Waterproofing Services

Externally applied Waterproofing is not a one system, one product fits all process. The Waterproofing Specialist should consider a range of factors in the design. These include: Topography, Ground Conditions and the suitability of the structure to accept the waterproofing system. The specialist should also allow in the design for the provision of maintainable external drainage and the protection of the installed system

AGC Restoration Services have extensive experience of installing external Waterproofing systems and we would be pleased to provide our expert advice and recommendations, as qualified Waterproofing Specialists for your project.

There are numerous types of external systems to choose from, each requiring careful design and installation. Selection of which type of system to employ depends on multiple factors including geotechnical information, assessment and classification of the existing water table, type of structure to which the Waterproofing system is being applied and the provision and effect of external drainage.

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