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If you believe your old windows and doors are beyond repair, be assured that we have seen it all before and can often rescue them.

We provide wood and steel window restoration and repair services for the Toronto area. We’ll restore your older and historic windows to make them energy efficient and completely functional while keeping the character of your building intact.

We offer:

  • Replace Sash cords
  • Refit Sashes
  • Repair or replace Wood
  • Reduce Air leakage
  • Repair Moving parts
  • Stabilize Joints
  • Repair/Replace Hardware
  • Replace Glass if needed
  • Weather-strip
  • Maintenance and Repairs

We offer custom manufactured duplicated windows to match the windows existing in your home when repair is not an option.
The design, detail, wood, finish, and hardware of the matched windows will be replicated in our replacement windows.

Restoration Services

We offer an attractive solution for whatever service and outcome you are looking for.

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AGCRS is a trusted contractor in GTA for quality commercial building and condominium restoration work.