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Parking Garage Restoration

AGC Restoration Services performs all scales of Parking Garage Restoration from full concrete slab replacement including new reinforcing steel, to localized concrete repairs at slab topside, soffit and through-slab areas, walls, columns & beams.

Repair and restoration for parking garages – Our services include:

  • Concrete removal and replacement
  • Demolition and reconstruction of underground parking garages
  • Waterproofing injection
  • Concrete injection
  • Layering flooring
  • Restoration of concrete coatings
  • Concrete paving
  • Concrete protection
  • Concrete sealing
  • Protective coating application
  • Epoxy repair
  • Protective lining application
  • Traffic Topping

We also use powerful techniques to protect the concrete from potential deterioration. We provide professional services and custom solutions. Our experienced team has the skill and experience for complicated concrete parking repair and restoration projects, including topside concrete repairs, structural concrete strengthening and column enlargement. For more information on how AGCRS can help you, give us a call at +1 (800) 260-7019  today.

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We offer an attractive solution for whatever service and outcome you are looking for.

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Commercial and Industrial Carports

AGC Restoration Services – provide a wide range of covered parking solutions for multi-housing, commercial and industrial applications. The durability and versatility of these carport systems make us the benchmark in the carport industry.  Designed for high wind, heavy snow loads and intense seismic activity; our carports have proven to be a solid investment that stands the test of time.​​

At AGC Restoration Services,- we will build you Flat Top carports for any size of apartment complexes

Flat Top carports for apartment complexes are often times the go-to for a sleek commercial application that can also be configured into commercial solar carports. Flat Top carports can be used for a variety of industrial purposes like inventory or equipment storage and protection of fixed assets.

Our Engineering Team at AGCRS will build for you a Mansard Style Carports to offer great protection architectural apeal.

Mansard style carports add an architectural apeal to any modern commercial project. Carports for lofts or apartment projects, this style can be reversed for drainage purposes. These have a very urban appeal and offer great protection from the elements.

Our professionals will design and complete your project for you a T Style Carport that offers great durability.

AGC RS development of these classic carports adds unsurpassed durability to the T Style Design. Able to be configured to commercial solar carports, we use structural steel members which are fabricated per project. Commercial or multi-housing, they blend nicely in all applications.

Our Engineers will design and build a double mansard carport solution to block harsh wind and snow conditions.

Double mansard apartment carports offer a way to block harsh wind and snow conditions. They are very popular in climatic regions for this reason. Another feature these commercial steel carports offer is the ability to create a secluded feeling against property lines.

AGCRS offers Gable with HIP Carport solutions for your Commercial and Industrial Units

Able to be configured with or without hip ends, the gable carport shown above features hip ends. This high-end carport option is highly sought after on upper end apartment complex carport or commercial projects and are able to hold shingle or tile roofs.

Our highly skilled professionals will build a customized apartment/commercial or solar carport for your project.

Our highly trained network of engineers will customize any apartment, commercial or solar carport project to overcome obstacles or expectations. We analyze local regional building codes to ensure our product is permittible anywhere in the GTA.

AGCRS is a trusted contractor in GTA for quality commercial building and condominium restoration work.